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  •   Name : Nathan
      From : FR
  •   Time : 2021/5/3   Review:★★★★★
  • Very good fast and have a nice holiday!

    ---- Nathan

  •   Name : Burnt Money
      From : UK
  •   Time : 2021/5/2   Review:★★★★★
  • Good high quality bearings and seals

    ---- Burnt Money

  •   Name : Kenneth J. Schneider Jr.
      From : Switzerland
  •   Time : 2021/5/1   Review:★★★★★
  • Perfect fit on my 99 cushman truckster. Excellent replacement after previous people installed the bearings on wrong prior. Be sure to put the taper bearing on the race and not on the axle hub after brake backing plate is installed.

    ---- Kenneth J. Schneider Jr.

  •   Name : wma
      From : Philippines
  •   Time : 2021/5/1   Review:★★★★★
  • Bearing is high quality fit finish machining and size. Performs as expected. Use was to replace a bearing on a portable chop saw motor.

    ---- wma

  •   Name : Summit
      From : Saudi Arabia
  •   Time : 2021/5/1   Review:★★★★★
  • Timken bearings- when you know you want them to fit and to last. I honestly don‘t know why people go with other brands which usually aren‘t much cheaper. I‘ve had Timkens go 150000 miles or last several seasons on a race track. All I will ever buy- I don‘t have time to experiment and hope others work as well.

    ---- Summit

  •   Name : Giuseppe Bruno
      From : RU
  •   Time : 2021/4/30   Review:★★★★★
  • Put on 2000 Chevy Express 1500 conversion van. Perfect fit. I replaced inner and outer bearings and seals. Found all parts here on ABM. Don‘t forget to purchase bearing Grease.

    ---- Giuseppe Bruno

  •   Name : Cub
      From : USA
  •   Time : 2021/4/30   Review:★★★★★
  • I‘ve been turning wrenches for 11 years now and yes it is a glamorous life but that‘s not important right now. What is important is me getting my hands on reliable parts for customer vehicles tractors equipment etc. and for my own personal fleet as well. One brand that has never let me down is SKF and I suspect these wheel bearings on my 1994 Toyota will be no exception. I have never had a come-back because of a SKF part and I‘ve used countless bearing/race sets and hub assemblies in heavy duty industrial applications and automotive alike. You can get cheaper components but you might do the job twice when I‘ve only done it once!

    ---- Cub

  •   Name : W Grant
      From : Bolivia
  •   Time : 2021/4/29   Review:★★★★★
  • Learned my lesson about not using Timken bearings years ago. They are a little more money but you get a much better quality products. If you are thinking about cheaping out... Don

    ---- W Grant

  •   Name : Gary
      From : Bulgaria
  •   Time : 2021/4/28   Review:★★★★★
  • For the third cooperation with BM we are an American subsidiary factory from Bulgaria and our products must be of high quality. It is a genuine product after strict inspection by our quality inspection department.

    ---- Gary

  •   Name : Jeff
      From : Canada
  •   Time : 2021/4/27   Review:★★★★★
  • These are made in the US. I purchased a replacement set labeled as Pentair replacement along with the NSK‘s based upon a previous review. Silly to even compare them. I started a return of the cheap Chinese ball bearings when a neighbors pump also began to squeal. Wound up useing themin his pump. Like night and day. While you couldn‘t tell that my pump was on his motor sounded like a can opener. He is very happy to have saved a bundle for the cost of buying me lunch. Lots of slop and movement in the Chinese bearings and cheap oiled paper. The NSK‘s are all metal sealed from the elements. I packed them in lithium grease more out of habit and to efficiently transmit heat to the motor casing than out of need for lubrication. Many thanks to a previous purchaser that reviewed these.

    ---- Jeff

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