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  •   Name : Patrick
      From : Spain
  •   Time : 2021/4/26   Review:★★★★★
  • Very good bearings from Japan. It is genuine and of good quality.

    ---- Patrick

  •   Name : amanda
      From : France
  •   Time : 2021/4/25   Review:★★★★★
  • I received the product I purchased very fast thanks.

    ---- amanda

  •   Name : JK
      From : Romania
  •   Time : 2021/4/24   Review:★★★★★
  • This is my third cooperation with ABM. It‘s great!

    ---- JK

  •   Name : Barry
      From : USA
  •   Time : 2021/4/24   Review:★★★★★
  • I just received it today it was perfect and the transportation speed was uniform.

    ---- Barry

  •   Name : rkruz
      From : USA
  •   Time : 2021/4/23   Review:★★★★★
  • I was very happy with result after replacing table saw and motor bearings with the NSK 630ZZ bearings as everything ran much quieter. Read on for my experience using the bearings. I replaced the bearings in my 30 year old table saw a Powermatic 63 for the arbor and the motor (both had same bearings). The old bearings were a 6203Z. The difference is that these 6203ZZ bearings are metal shield (not sealed) on both sides vs the old bearing which were open 1 side exposing the bearings. The ZZ is a much better product as it keep debri out of the bearing. The old bearings in the saw had 1 side sealed with rubber seal and the motor 1 side of the bearings was open. The open bearing were full of debris no wonder they failed. It was obvious they were bad from the grinding feel when turning and one of them just siezed. In order to install the new bearings I froze the arbor and heated the bearing to 180F. The bearings installed fairly easily with some force from a vice and some taps of a socket placed over the outer race of the NSK bearing. WIth the new bearing the table saw and motor made significantly less noise so good on the NSK bearings.I went with NSK as forums said the NSK were better quality but the bearing shop owner said the Chinese were similar quality. Who knows but to be sure I went with the Japanese mfr. CONCLUSION: Highly recommended.

    ---- rkruz

  •   Name : Danny Fixit
      From : Saudi Arabia
  •   Time : 2021/4/23   Review:★★★★
  • Perfect fit to replace the OEM bearing in my Ridgid 5" orbital sander. Now it has more life and will last a lot longer.

    ---- Danny Fixit

  •   Name : Tom
      From : France
  •   Time : 2021/4/21   Review:★★★★★
  • Very common bearing. For the price I always keep two in my tool box just in case. At 100k miles good idea to replace in your cars idler or tensioner pulley when replacing you belt.

    ---- Tom

  •   Name : Mike J
      From : USA
  •   Time : 2021/4/21   Review:★★★★★
  • These appear to be genuine SKF Italian-made 6203-2rsh/c3 bearings. Should be a good replacement bearing for my 7.3 top idler.

    ---- Mike J

  •   Name : Fred Wichmann
      From : Argentina
  •   Time : 2021/4/20   Review:★★★★★
  • I purchased two for my pool pump rebuild and they worked perfectly. It‘s amazing how quietly my pump runs with these new bearings. Don‘t forget to buy a bearing puller if you don‘t have one.

    ---- Fred Wichmann

  •   Name : FW
      From : Canada
  •   Time : 2021/4/19   Review:★★★★★
  • Perfect replacement. Outside bearing for the power drive on my Cub Cadet 524SWE snowthrower One person found this helpful

    ---- FW

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