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  •   Name : Tim Tucker
      From : France
  •   Time : 2021/4/05   Review:★★★★★
  • J‘ai reçu un produit OEM (Timken 6203-2RS) dans l‘emballage Timken. Ajustement parfait. Moteur silencieux à nouveau. Merci!

    ---- Tim Tucker

  •   Name : Karl N.
      From : Germany
  •   Time : 2021/4/03   Review:★★★★★
  • Ich habe dieses 6203-2RS-Lager verwendet um das 6203-Z-Lager am Motor unseres Laufbandes zu ersetzen. Ich habe sowohl das vordere als auch das hintere Lager der Motorwelle ausgetauscht da der Motor im Betrieb sehr laut geworden war. Mit den neuen Lagern ist der Laufbandmotor VIEL leiser und funktioniert hervorragend!

    ---- Karl N.

  •   Name : Bookaholicmama
      From : Brazil
  •   Time : 2021/4/01   Review:★★★★★
  • This bearing seems to have a good quality out of the box. It fits well on the passenger side wheel hub of our Sienna 2008 XLE. After the installation the car runs very quiet like new. We recommend it to our friend who also has a Sienna.

    ---- Bookaholicmama

  •   Name : Amazon Customer
      From : Spain
  •   Time : 2021/3/29   Review:★★★★
  • Was a direct replacement from the original Used for 12" portable planer

    ---- Amazon Customer

  •   Name : Mr. David G. Allsopp
      From : Thailand
  •   Time : 2021/3/25   Review:★★★★★
  • ตลับลูกปืนสะอาดและบรรจุอย่างดี ต้องการแบริ่งสำรองสำหรับมอเตอร์เครื่องกลึงของฉัน

    ---- Mr. David G. Allsopp

  •   Name : T.L.
      From : Venezuela
  •   Time : 2021/3/21   Review:★★★★★
  • Replaced the no-name Chinese bearings in my belt sander with these and WOW what a difference! The sander is quieter runs smoother and cooler than it ever did. The bearings fit into the bores perfectly and will keep my sander going for at least another 10 years! There‘s no substitute for high quality!

    ---- T.L.

  •   Name :  Ig Noble
      From : Ukraine
  •   Time : 2021/3/17   Review:★★★★
  • I had a 20 year old whole house fan motor start "singing" to me and I found that one of the bearings was bad. I cannot find the same motor anywhere so I had to try rebuilding it and these bearings were the exact fit I needed. Fan works perfectly now.

    ---- Ig Noble

  •   Name : JJGuy
      From : USA
  •   Time : 2021/3/16   Review:★★★★
  • I have a nice treadmill (Vision Fitness) which had a squeaking/grinding sound coming from the rollers. After disassembly I read the bearing part number off the roller bearings and ordered the matching SKF bearings. Was an easy install after you took the time to figure how to pop them in and out using the treadmill roller rods and c-clips to pop the bearing out and back in - with a bit of ingenuity and a semi-hard rubber mallet was able to easily replace the bearings and fix my treadmill issues. My treadmill works perfectly now and I can get back to walking off those winter pounds.

    ---- JJGuy

  •   Name : MJ Turner
      From : Sweden
  •   Time : 2021/3/12   Review:★★★★★
  • As smooth a bearing as I‘ve ever felt. I‘ve only ever worked with top quality bearings and high end bicycle components so perhaps I‘m not savvy to the deceptive qualities of lesser examples. I used these to replace the bearings in all three serpentine belt pulleys (2 idle 1 tension) on my 2004-2008 5.4l V8 F150.

    ---- MJ Turner

  •   Name : iMickey
      From : Angola
  •   Time : 2021/3/11   Review:★★★★★
  • I order things and it take me a LONG time to get around to install them. I used this on my moms Electric lawn mower she got from Harbor freight. The darn blade would not spin. They don‘t make one like this anymore so I fixed it. WORKED PERFECT! And since these are sealed they will work better then the ones that were in their.

    ---- iMickey

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