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  •   Name : Mr. David G. Allsopp
      From : uk
  •   Time : 2020/02/03   Review:★★★★★
  • Bearings clean and well packaged. Needed a replacement bearing for my lathe motor.

    ---- Mr. David G. Allsopp

  •   Name : Mike
      From : mauritius
  •   Time : 2020/1/28   Review:★★★★★
  • Purchased for my neighbor for there mower bearing is working perfectly.

    ---- Mike

  •   Name : Amazon Customer
      From : poland
  •   Time : 2020/1/25   Review:★★★★★
  • smooth operation both sides of the bearing protected by metal cover

    ---- Amazon Customer

  •   Name : T.L.
      From : Korea
  •   Time : 2020/1/3   Review:★★★★★
  • Replaced the no-name Chinese bearings in my belt sander with these and WOW what a difference! The sander is quieter runs smoother and cooler than it ever did. The bearings fit into the bores perfectly and will keep my sander going for at least another 10 years! There‘s no substitute for high quality!

    ---- T.L.

  •   Name : H. Tran
      From : sa
  •   Time : 2019/12/18   Review:★★★★★
  • Try to fix my own water pump new ($550) Replace bearing $12. Worked.

    ---- H. Tran

  •   Name : Ig Noble
      From : as
  •   Time : 2019/10/06   Review:★★★★★
  • I had a 20 year old whole house fan motor start "singing" to me and I found that one of the bearings was bad. I cannot find the same motor anywhere so I had to try rebuilding it and these bearings were the exact fit I needed. Fan works perfectly now.

    ---- Ig Noble

  •   Name : Jean-Louis
      From : France
  •   Time : 2019/09/05   Review:★★★★★
  • De par mon métier d‘avant la retraite je connaissais ce type de roulement étanche SKF. Je les ai acheté pour remplacer 2 roulements usagés sur le tambour d‘un lave linge Vedette. Très bon rapport qualité prix mais surtout un délai de livraison très rapide. Commandé le dimanche et reçu le mardi fin de journée en Point Relai.

    ---- Jean-Louis

  •   Name : Austin Johnson
      From : Germany
  •   Time : 2019/08/11   Review:★★★★★
  • bearing were just as they said and worked well in my lawn mower

    ---- Austin Johnson

  •   Name : Amazon Customer
      From : United States
  •   Time : 2019/7/28   Review:★★★★★
  • Best bearings money can buy. Did the job myself on a 2004 Honda Civic. This will work with ABS. I had a shop press in the bearings as I do not have a press and did not want to take a chance or ruining them. The spindle is easy to get off. If you need help let me know

    ---- Amazon Customer

  •   Name : Great fit and quality
      From : Español
  •   Time : 2019/7/01   Review:★★★★★
  • Installed a pair of these in a 99 Civic EX. Fit perfect and car rolls perfectly. Recommend using a press or special tool to install these. Don’t just smack it in. Timken costed more but was way better quality

    ---- Great fit and quality

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